A beautiful regulation court set among the trees, with benches, a basketball goal and a ball machine for practicing. In addition, the court boasts an eight foot by sixteen foot dual-curved backboard with a frame crafted from hand-picked Douglas fir.  According to Rally Champion, the manufacturer, the balls rebound twice as far off of this backboard than off a flat wall, offering the user a much more realistic practice experience.


1) The tennis court is available for use by Owners, Owner’s Family, and Guests.
2) Proper footwear is required. (No black soled shoes)
3) The court can be reserved via a sign-up sheet located in the tennis shed.
4) As a courtesy to other users, usage of the court is limited to two hours per Site per day.
5) The court can be reserved for special events with prior written approval from the Board.
6) Users should sign in on the sign-up sheet area, even though there is no other user at the time.
7) The above rules apply to the use of the basketball goal within the tennis court area.