The Picnic Area is a beautiful place for SVR Owners to gather with neighbors, enjoy a picnic with the family or to simply savor the view.  There are built-in gas grills which are ready to use. Indiana Creek flows through the picnic area and provides a challenge for those who enjoy fishing in a stream.


Intent: To honor the peace and tranquility of Spruce Valley Ranch Homeowners. To provide shared Homeowner usage of the Picnic Area, while not disturbing the wetlands, wildlife, or surrounding neighbors.

  1. The Picnic Area Grounds are to be used exclusively by Homeowners or Long Term Renters. Any guest(s) of a Homeowner or Renter must be accompanied by the Homeowner or Renter at all times.
  2. Homeowners may fill out the Sign-Up Sheet to reserve and use the Picnic Area for members of their immediate family (parents, children, grandchildren), extended family, and house guests only. Size is limited to small groups to a maximum of 20. Homeowner must be present. There is no sponsorship of outside groups allowed.
  3. All Town of Blue River and Red, White & Blue fire restrictions must be adhered to at all times.
  4. Amplified sound of any kind is prohibited.
  5. Homeowners must clean up and remove all trash and clean grills used. Homeowner may be charged for additional clean up undertaken by the Board and or for damage of the area.
  6. Homeowner responsible for ensuring gate is secure when leaving Picnic Area.
  7. Dogs must be on leash at all times.
  8. No alteration of native landscaping is allowed.
  9. Hours 10:00am to 9:00pm only.


Intent: To offer a place for SVR homeowners to host sacred ceremonies or lifetime events, on a limited basis annually, while honoring the peace and tranquility of our wetlands, wildlife, and surrounding neighbors.

  1. Homeowners will be able to reserve and use the Picnic Area for a Special Event for members of their immediate family (parents, children, grandchildren) only. Such as a wedding of a child or birthday of grandchildren. Attendance allowed up to 175 maximum. Homeowner must be present. Sponsorship of outside groups is not allowed.

  2. Requests to reserve the picnic area must be made to the SVR Board at least 6 months in advance of event date and include a statement of intent, as well as a specified layout plan for parking, tent, ceremony, port-a-potty trailer, caterer, etc.
  3. No alteration of native landscaping is allowed. Seating and tents may only be set up on mulched area. Non-permanent floral decorations may be temporarily placed on mulched area only.

  4. Parking must be on designated mulch parking spaces, up to 6 cars. Additional parking inside Picnic Area not allowed except short-term delivery or drop off of event items, so as not to disturb surrounding wetlands, wildlife, and neighbors. Homeowners must make arrangements for shuttling guests.

  5. Signage must be provided to ensure adjacent properties (including driveways) are not disturbed or travelled upon. Signage must be submitted and approved by the SVR Board.

  6. A security deposit of $5,000 minimum and proof of insurance must be provided at least two weeks prior to event. All incremental costs will be deducted from deposit – for example increased utility bill.

  7. Amplified sound of any kind is prohibited.

  8. All consideration must be given to a short set-up and break-down timeline. A maximum of one business day prior to the event and one business day after the event are allowable.

  9. Special events will be Approved by the SVR Board on a Limited Basis to a maximum of 1 per Summer Season, June through September.

  10. Prior to granting permission for Special Events, SVR Board will confirm the requested dates with adjacent Homeowners, lots 38, 39, 40, and 41, to avoid a conflict with adjacent Homeowner’s personal events.

  11. Hours 10:00am to 10:00pm only.